Health Care Management Vs Health Care Administration

Health Care Management Vs Health Care Administration

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 Health Care Management Vs Health Care Administration

Health Care Management Vs Health Care Administration

This article will cover all differences between health care management vs health care administration.The words Healthcare management and Healthcare administration have been used interchangeably on various occasions by some healthcare establishments and educational institutions, though they are of the same field and work towards the actualization of a common goal, they sound similar and have the overlapping scope, they are separated by a few differences.First, we cover the health care management then we go to health care administration there is a big difference between them.


Healthcare management involves the managerial sector of the health facility, it has to do with balancing of competitive pressure, human resources, facility management and the financial responsibility of the health facility. People who find themselves in this field tend to either have an MBA, bachelors or masters in healthcare management. They are generally responsible for the smooth and effective running of the health institution and are more concerned with disciplines such as policies, accounting and facilities management.


Healthcare administration, unlike the healthcare management, has to do with the administrative sector of the health facility. This involves the effective management of staff, improving client experience, managing patient care and managing of health information.Sometimes they are involved in development and organizing of health policies.
Healthcare administrators may be assigned to managing the operations of a specific department and sometimes the entire health facility. Most healthcare administrators tend to kick-start their careers gaining some experience as a nurse before obtaining a degree in this field. Unlike the healthcare management, people who find themselves in this field only require an undergraduate degree for a job.In next paragraph, minihealthcare is going give you a deep difference in health care management vs health care administration.
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The primary differences between health care managers and health care administrators are;
  • While healthcare managers ensure the effective running of the health facility as a whole.
  • The healthcare administrator is responsible for the staff and other administrative issues.
  • While the healthcare administrator tends to deal with human and operational resources.The healthcare management deals with the business end of the health facility.
  • Health care management requires well-educated managers who have a good educational background as well specific knowledge.
    Most of the sectors need this requirement then select managers.
  • The healthcare administrators could be of a different educational background and acquire an MBA in the healthcare field. Both fields require good communication and organizational skills.

Health Care Management Vs Health Care Administration

More details

However, it is pertinent to note that both fields are reliant on each other.While the healthcare manager focuses on the overall operation of the health care network or system.The healthcare administrator deals with the management of the staff in a department or the whole health sector. Both play an important role in small healthcare organizations.What role they do?They help us to save costs.When trying to determine a career path in this sector.Seeing an educational counselor.Anyone with practical experience in the field is of great importance as one could get into the wrong field.As a result of the frustrating confusion of both fields.So we have covered everything about health care management Vs health care administration.
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