Type 2 diabetes treatment guidelines complete details

What is Type 2 diabetes treatment Overview?

type 2 diabetes treatment

If you have diabetes, it is very important to carefully control your blood sugar level in order to stay healthy. Type 2 diabetes treatment will be explained in this article. However, you are at low or near-low blood sugar level from time to time, so you may prefer to carry sugary foods or glucose tablets or sugary sweets constantly to control it. It is very important that relatives and friends know how to control low glucose levels. You can monitor your blood glucose levels by checking your home. You can adjust both your diet and insulin to keep your blood sugar level within normal range.

Generally in type 2 diabetes treatment normal rate of person

Before the meal (fasting) of 70 110 mg / dL (4 to 7 ml / ml).After the meal less than 180 mg / dL (9 ml / ml).  Your doctor will advise you on how to monitor and control blood sugar level.

Healthy lifestyle

In addition to controlling blood sugar, the lifestyle is key to ensuring that diabetes may have less impact on health. A healthy diet is essential if you have diabetes, so it is important to eat regularly three times a day. Type 2 diabetes treatment It is not necessary to eat special foods for a healthy diet, and all you need to eat a balanced meal is to have low saturated fat, sugar, and salt. And a high proportion of fiber, fruit, and vegetables. Also include starches such as macaroni, potatoes and sugary foods such as fruits in every meal.

It is not necessary to eat a special diet for a healthy diet, and all you need to eat a balanced meal exercise that helps to stay healthy and healthy weight and improves the performance of the blood circulation. With at least half an hour of moderate activity for five days. Smoking is unhealthy for everyone. But there is a particular importance for people with diabetes to stop smoking because the patient already has an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Or peripheral circulation problems. Smoking makes the chance of these diseases greater. It is also important to maintain the level of blood pressure and cholesterol level because high blood pressure and cholesterol level is related to heart attacks and stroke. It is more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Medications in type 2 diabetes treatment

type 2 diabetes treatment

If lifestyle changes alone are not enough to reduce glucose levels, medications are taken to increase insulin production and enhance its effect. Some medications improve the effectiveness of insulin by reducing the amount of glucose excreted from the liver and improving the way glucose is used by the muscles. – Other drugs promote the pancreas to produce more insulin. Type 2 diabetes treatment Other drugs reduce the body’s resistance to insulin and are sometimes used with other treatments. Some medications help the body produce more insulin in response to meals. Other drugs reduce the level of sugar in the blood by slowing the process of decomposition of some carbohydrates. Your doctor may recommend two or more medications because they give you better control than one.

It is very important to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level in normal level. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels may lead to heart attacks and stroke and increase the risk of these and other complications with diabetes. Therefore, your doctor may recommend medications that help lower blood pressure and reduce the level of cholesterol.

Insulin injections If lifestyle changes and medications do not control blood sugar levels as desired, the patient may need to start injecting insulin in addition to or instead of tablets. The patient usually gives insulin injections once or twice a day, using either a conventional insulin needle or an insulin pen with refill cartridges. There are different types of insulin that work at different rates and different time periods.

What is type 2 diabetes?

type 2 diabetes treatment

Type 2 diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes.Glucose and Insulin: Glucose is a simple form of sugar found in sugary foods and drinks, and is absorbed as a natural part of the digestion process. The blood functions of glucose transfer throughout the body. When sugar reaches the tissues of the body, Type 2 diabetes treatment such as muscle cells, it absorbs it and converts it into energy. Blood glucose concentration is regulated automatically by insulin.

Insulin helps cells absorb glucose, and then convert it into energy. In Insulin deficiency leads to increased glucose in the blood. Insulin is excreted in the blood through the pancreas (a gland behind the stomach). If the cells do not respond to insulin properly, this can cause an increase in blood glucose, this is called insulin resistance.Insulin resistance usually occurs with weight gain or if type 2 diabetes is inherited in the family.

This means that the pancreas needs to produce more and more insulin to overcome resistance and maintain blood sugar levels. The body eventually can not produce enough insulin to control blood sugar, leading to higher glucose levels and diabetes.

Types of diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes:

A Type 2 diabetes is common and affects nine in 10 people with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes treatment Many people with type 2 diabetes may not have symptoms, and often find them by accident by routine medical examination

Primary symptoms include

type 2 diabetes treatment

Hyperthyroidism.Continuous thirst.fatigue. Blurred vision.Itching in the surrounding skin of the genital organs or the occurrence of regular infections. A change in weight over the last months of the discovery of the disease, gaining some weight (which caused diabetes) or losing some weight due to high blood sugar levels. It is also possible that the weight has not changed at all.The symptoms may be very mild and can be unnoticeable for years.

Type 2 complications

Long-term complications of Type 2 diabetes are similar to those of type 1. These include Angina and heart attacks.brain attack. Renal failure of diabetic patients. Diabetic foot ulcers or blood circulation diseases in the legs and feet of diabetics. Type 2 diabetes treatment Damage to the eye. Periodic examination is required to detect any complications early. Type 2 diabetes rarely occurs unless the disease is not diagnosed or uncontrolled. This coma occurs if blood sugar levels rise to very high levels.

Characterized by the following:-

Excessive thirst, nausea, dry skin and excessive urination can eventually cause disorientation, drowsiness, and loss of consciousness. Hospital treatment is required.

Causes of type 2 diabetes treatment

type 2 diabetes treatment

The Type 2 diabetes happens when the body becomes tough to insulin. This occurs when the body’s tissues do not respond well to insulin and thus can not take advantage of glucose in the blood to get energy and thus respond to the pancreas by producing more insulin and also the liver, Type 2 diabetes treatment where glucose is stored, releasing more glucose into the blood. Eventually, the pancreas becomes less able to produce enough insulin and the tissues become more insulin-resistant. As a result, blood sugar levels begin to rise slowly.

It can take several years for the level of glucose in the blood to reach the level that causes the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.  A person is more likely to develop type 2 diabetes when Overweight or obese in particular if there is too much fat around the abdominal area. Do not exercise regularly. If diabetic type 2 is inherited in the family. Smoking and drinking alcohol. The age is more than 40 years and the risk of infection increases with age. Hypertension, heart attack or stroke. Ovarian syndrome with overweight.

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis

type 2 diabetes treatment

Early diagnosis is important until you get the right treatment. The doctor will examine and ask about the symptoms and may also ask about the medical history. It is taken from the urine and usually, there is no sugar in the urine, but if you have diabetes. There may be urinary incontinence. The doctor may take blood from the finger and this gives a more accurate result. The doctor may ask for a blood test to measure the level of circulatory blood.  Type 2 diabetes treatment is very important for you. Examining fasting sugar requires you to fast for eight hours before the test is randomized to the glucose and can be played at any time. If the doctor does not receive a clear diagnosis after these tests, a glucose tolerance test will be required. This measures the changes in the level of glucose in the blood after drinking a syrup. It is necessary to fast all night before performing this test.