Why hire a Health coach benefits

Why hire a Health coach benefits

Why hire a Health coach benefits

The health coach is the use of clinical interventions. Evidence-based skillful conversions as well as strategies to actively, and safely keep patients in a health behavior change. A health coach is a supportive mentor and authority. Who work with patients or clients in helping them to feel their best through lifestyle and food change. They tailor individual wellness programs to meet the clients’ needs. These are individuals who are credited and certified to safely guide patients or their clients who have chronic conditions.

The food you eat is very important to your health just as the exercise, relationship, spirituality, and career. This is why the health coach takes a holistic approach to supporting the whole person. Why become a health coach? If you’ve been asking yourself this question, then here comes the answer, as an integrative graduate you receive the amplest training in nutrition, business and coaching skills. This sounds great. Think of how pleasing and good it is to work as an integrative nutrition health coach doing what you love.

Many times, doctors do not have that time and resources of helping their patients build healthy lifestyle habits. Here is where the health coach comes in to fill in this void for a complete healthcare system.

Benefits of being a health coach

Why hire a Health coach benefits
Why hire a Health coach benefits
  1. You are your own boss

As a coach, you have the power to create your own schedule as you wish. You see your clients at your own appointed time

  1. Work according to the desire of your heart

As a health coach, you have the ability to create the work you love that comes right from your heart. You have the ability to choose your target market. And can build your practice to fit within your life goals.

  1. Financial freedom

Quite a number of health coaches earn over six figures, this is because they have full control of their rates. As a health coach, sky is your limit because you are the one who determines the number of your clients and you can also create additional sources using your entrepreneurial skills

Reasons why you should become a health coach

  1. Create a wellness-focused business.
  2. Improve your life and that of your family
  3. Positively impact the lives of others and earn from it

Process of health coaching

Health coaching is a process that involves establishing a relationship, motivational interviewing, and wellness vision, guiding an agenda and setting goals.

Establishing a relationship

This is the starting point, you need to engage your client and develop trust with your client by building a rapport. Good quality of voice, warmth, eye contact, good energy, genuineness. Being relaxed and comfortable in the exchange, mindful listening,  being supportive, positive language and physical gestures. Rapport is very essential in all the coaching sessions. But being too close to the client could create a barrier to the success of the process.

Motivational interviewing

Building a good communication strategy is very essential. Motivational interviewing is a key tool used in health and wellness coaching and in clinics. Motivational wellness is a process that aims at raising client’s awareness to the problem and possibilities yet reduce their ambivalence about change, the process is mostly used in social work, medicine, psychotherapy, addiction, medicine and other fields. The process focuses more on the present than the past.

Wellness vision

This is a creative statement by the patient/client that disclose his/her highest potential, it includes financial, emotional, physical, social and spiritual realms of their lives. New vision makes one see new possibilities with clear and specific directions.  It is one of the tools used by the coach to help the client move to new stages of well-being.

Guiding agenda and setting goals.

This a collaborative behavior change technique used between the coach and the client. The goals are set to assist. The client knows the direction of their newly formed aspirations.

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A number of studies have proved that health coaching is effective. In improving diverse aspects of a health coach. Quite a number of formal health coaching programs is now being offered. In institutions of higher learning like.The institution for Integrative Nutrition, Duke Integrative Medicine, and Georgetown University.

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